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Motivation program...
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 // 0 comments

Salam....To all my friend's who those at the motivatian program on 20/3/2011...do you still remember it???If you don't remeber it,i will never forget it....The motivation Program has make me regrated upon what i do before...Not only me that regrated but many more student's...Some of the student's cries because the Motivaton Program touche's their feeling...Same with me...I hope all of the student's will regrated what they have been doing before....MySpaceDon't br selfish.....U have to choose you want to regrated now or later...If you regrated now you will successMySpaceand if you regrated later you will waste what you have learn in schoolMySpaceTo regrated beforehand,wise,best and profittable than to ever regrated later and afterhand.....That's all of my entry today..I hope u like it (english version)..Salam...MySpace