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Self Intro (F(x))
Saturday, 4 August 2012 // 0 comments

We are F(X) imnida~! wahhh...E--ee lectrick shock ~! scroll ke bawah laggi nak tengok SMENT FAMILY

Name: Song Qian(Victoria)
Date Of Birth: February 2 1987
Position: Leader,Main Dancer,Vocalist

Name: Amber Josephine Liu(Amber)
Date Of Birth: September 18 1992
Position: Main Rapper,Sub-Vocalist

Name:Park Sun Young(Luna)
Date Of Birth: August 12 1993
Position: Main Vocalist,Lead Dancer

Name: Choi Jin Ri(Sulli)
Date Of Birth: March 29 1994
Position: Vocalist,Sub-rapper,Face Of The Group

Name: Jung Soo Jung(Krystal)
Date Of Birth: October 24 1994
Position: Lead Vocalist