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Self Intro (Super Junior)
Saturday, 4 August 2012 // 0 comments

We are Super Junioo-or...hehe..Jom tatap muka-muka Super Junior oppa pulak..hencem tak?hencem tak?mestilah hensem kan?? chaiyokk

Name: Park Jung Soo(Leeteuk)
Date Of Birth: July 1 1983
Position: Leader,Vocalist,Rapper

Name: Kim Joong Woon(Yesung)
Date Of Birth: August 24 1994
Position: Main Vocalist

Name: Kim Young Woon(Kangin)
Date Of Birth: January 17 1985
Position: Vocalist

Name: Shin Dong Hee(Shindong)
Date Of Birth: September 28 1985
Position: Lead Rapper,Lead Dancer

Name: Lee Sung Min(Sungmin)
Date Of Birth: January 1 1985
Position: Lead Vocalist,Lead Dancer

Name: Lee Hyuk Jae(Eunhyuk)
Date Of Birth: April 4 1986
Position: Main Rapper,Vocalist,Main Dancer

Name: Lee Dong Hae(Donghae)
Date Of Birth: October 15 1986
Position: Lead Vocalist,Lead Dancer,Rapper

Name: Choi Si Won(Siwon)
Date Of Birth: February 10 1987
Position: Vocalist,Face Of The Group

Name: Kim Ryeo Wook(Ryeowook)
Date Of Birth: June 21 1987
Position: Main Vocalist

Name: Cho Kyu Hyun(Kyuhyun)
Date Of Birth: February 3 1988
Position: Lead Vocalist,Sub-dancer,Maknae