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Your my Everything !
Friday, 14 September 2012 // 0 comments

TONIGHT i wonder,do you still remember me?

HARU-HARU im thinking about you

I never say AINT NO FUN being with you

BLUE is your favourite colour,right?

LALALA is our tagline

I've learn to not tell you anymore LIES

I know you will not pick a BAD BOY as your boyfriend

Your my Fantastic Baby

Dont worry your not a MONSTER in my mind

aarghhh...Rinduw gilerr kat kawan-kawan Nik...camner ekhh diorang..dah 1 bulan lebih Nik tak berhubung ngan diorang coz duk kat hostel nim..adoyai -.-
dunt worry hujung tahun nim kiter jumpo nge sep2 kito lakow....beyehhh'?
haha...cakap loghat kelantan jap..huhu..
i wish if you all know how much i suffer by just remembering the memory that we had create :P


love yuhhh :D